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Merstham FC is a football club from the town of Merstham, Surrey. It currently plays in the Isthmian League Division One South.

The club was established in 1899 and has been playing at its current ground since 1938. The club has enjoyed a rich history of success, with the highlight being winning the FA Amateur Cup in 1954.

Merstham FC is a football club from England. It was founded in 1924 by a group of workers from the Surrey Docks. The club’s playing strip consists of a sky blue top with white shorts and socks.

The founder was Bob Scott who had been an engineer with the British Aluminium Company before taking up his role as manager at Merstham Dock. He had been inspired by the success of Dulwich Hamlet, which he had seen playing during a visit to London in 1923 and decided to found his own club.

Scott took on the role of president, but didn’t have time for football as he found himself too busy with his new role as manager, leaving secretary Arthur Wilson to take care of the day-to-day running of the club.Merstham Football Club is an amateur football club in England. The club is based in the London Borough of Bromley and was formed in 1892.

The Merstham FC team is made up of players aged between 17 and over, with most over the age of 30.

Merstham FC has a limited budget and doesn’t have the ability to pay for players to play professionally. This means that they are forced to rely on their many talented, but unpaid players to field a competitive team for each game they enter into.

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Merstham FC is a football team that was founded in 2018 and has teams across the UK.

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Merstham FC wanted to encourage more women and girls to play football. They decided to start a women’s football club.

A year after the club started, they now have over 100 members, with 30% of them being female, and are playing competitively in local leagues.

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Merstham Football Club is a football club from Merstham, England. It was founded in 1885 by a group of local men who wanted to play football for the upcoming cricket season.

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Footballers from Merstham FC were the first to upload a photo of their stadium on Instagram and Twitter. This is the first time that a football club has tried to engage with fans through social media.

Football clubs have been increasingly relying on social media in order to connect with their audience and to stay up-to-date with what is going on in society. With football clubs investing more money into digital marketing, it’s not surprising that they are looking for new ways to reach out to fans and engage them.

Merstham FC is a football club in South East England. They have been playing since the early 1900s and now they are looking for players to join their team.

Merstham FC has many exciting events and activities happening throughout the year. The club is always looking for new members, players, coaches and volunteers to support them in their journey.

Some of the upcoming events include: children’s football day, family fun day, community day, ladies only night and much more!

Founded in 1906 as Merstham Football Club, Merstham FC played their first match against Epsom on 3rd September 1907 at Ashford Road (now known as Cobden Road). They became a member of the Surrey Senior League two years later before joining Division Two of the Southern Football League in

Merstham is a football team in the south of England. They are known for having some of the best players in the country.

The club was founded in 1883 by local men who were concerned about the lack of football clubs in their area. The club has seen success on and off the pitch with many players going onto playing professional football for clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur or Manchester United.

Merstham are currently looking to sign new players for their upcoming season, so if you’re interested in playing football, this might be your chance to join a competitive team!